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A hot summer for the Russian venture market

0 June 2014


June 2014 saw no less than 4 exits for Russian venture funds - the highest number ever recorded in a single month. 

The sale of Delivery Club to German startup FoodPanda, funded by the Rocket Internet business incubator, proved that foreign investors and entrepreneurs are still willing to invest significant sums in Russia, despite current political and economic uncertainty.

Yandex’s acquisition of and the subsequent shutting down of a similar project run by the “Delovoy Mir” (Business World) holding showed the true value of this type of media asset in Russia.

Two ‘classic cases’ featuring investments in startups away from Moscow showed that there is room for manoeuvre in the Russian venture sector. In the first, a fund took majority control of Kazan-based startup Moy Kabinet, while in the second a fund managed to sell its stake back to the founders at a 1000% profit.

As well as exits, June also saw an increase in investments, mainly thanks to state funded accelerator FRII, which welcomed its third intake of early stage projects. 



Startup -
Investment - $175 million
Investor - Yandex

Search giant Yandex acquired top motoring classified ads site Yandex is planning to develop the service, which will continue to operate under the same name. Experts reckon that the acquisition will help Yandex to improve the results it offers for general car-related queries, and also make its service better. The deal, worth $170-175 million, will be concluded by the end of the year.


Startup - Delivery Club
Investment - $50 million
Investors - FoodPanda, Rocket Internet

RocketInternet-owned German food delivery service FoodPanda acquired its Russian equivalent Delivery Club. The $50 million that FoodPanda paid for the startup came from RocketInternet, and allowed Russian fund AddVenture to make a very profitable exit. The new owners are yet to announce their plans for the startup.


Startup - Knopka Zhizni (Life Button)
Investment - $1.3 million
Investor - FRII

Moscow accelerator FRII invested $1.3 million in Life Button, an emergency help service for the elderly. This Round B investment follows previous investments from the “IT Group” and business angels. For FRII it is another investment in an already-established project.


Vaizra Capital

The fund, which belongs to cofounders Vyacheslav Mirilashvili and Lev Leviev, announced its first major deal in June - an investment in online travel startup Ostrovok. The investors also announced plans to spend $30 million on a business park in St Petersburg which will host Selectel, 1PTV, SiliconRus and a number of other projects connected to Mirilashvili and Leviev.


Mark Shmulevich

The former deputy communications minister with responsibility for the IT sector left his government post and took on a new role at Acronis, where he will work as the strategic director. Shmulevich has previously worked with Acronis boss Sergey Beloussov at the Russian Quantum Centre, where he led a research program and was also responsible for investment fund Runa Capital’s government relations.


Business holding Delovoy Mir chose to freeze its motoring classified ads service in the wake of Yandex’s purchase of, deciding that there was little sense in competing with Russia’s biggest internet company in the sector. It is unclear whether the service will ever be restarted.


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