Online guide to the Russian tech market
Viktor Lysenko - "The only secret is people"

Viktor Lysenko, CEO of featured success story RocketBank, talks about how his company has come so far so fast.

"Russian entrepreneurs are great!" - Adeo Ressi

Adeo Ressi, the keynote speaker at TechCrunch Moscow 2013, evaluates the quality of entrepreneurs in Russia. 

"They're getting better" - Mike Butcher and Edward Shenderovich on Russian startups

The 'masterminds' behind TechCrunch Moscow talk about Russian startups, what sets them apart and what holds them back.

"Only 5% of companies got everyone's attention" - Evan Nisselson

The serial entrepreneur and investor reflects on the Startup Battle at TechCrunch Moscow 2013, where he was the MC.

The stars gather at the Russian Venture Oscars

Here's a report from RBC on the first ever Russian Venture Awards, organised by RusBase and TeraFirrma.

Skolkovo fund startups on display at TechCrunch Disrupt

Mike Butcher checks out the Russia Pavilion at TechCrunch San Francisco.

Parallels- leaders in softwares for the optimisation of computational capability

With the help of Skolkovo, Parallels developed a software that allows you "to compete with Amazon".

IMM: The Russian Innovation and Investment Market

IMM was created in 2009 as the stock exchange sector for high-tech and innovative companies in Russia.

“Love your business and don’t think about the money”

Looking at TexDrive, the biggest business accelerator in Russia.

Successful gaming company from Yakutsk

Here is the story of how two brothers from Yakutsk followed their passion and developed a successful computer gaming ...

Evernote - a Russian success story in the Valley.

This news feature tells the story of Evernote, a successful Silicon Valley company with Russian roots.

Interview with the founder of the educational social network ""
SHARE is an educational social network that connects students, teachers, parents, and school administrators.

Interview with Alexandr Ivanov, partner of Life.SREDA, one of the most active funds in Russia

Interview with a partner of Life.SREDA, one of the most active venture funds in Russia.

Interview with Dmitry Repin, Director of the incubator Digital October, one of the organizers of TechCrunch Moscow.

Digital October is one of the main organizers of the event TechCrunch Moscow. In this interview their Director talks ...

Interview with the director of "Excursiopedia", winner of TechCrunch Moscow 2012's "startup battle"

Excursiopedia, the winner of TechCrunch Moscow 2012's "startup battle" is an online travel startup based around activ...

Endorphin "puts the full advantage of your connections at your fingertips"

Watch this interview with Endorphin's founder who explains the advantage professionals can find by rating one's conne...

Alisa Chumachenko is one of world's most prominent women in tech

Alisa Chumachenko is "a hard core gamer", founder and CEO of the Russian startup "Gaming Insight International". She ...

Interview with Dmitriy Lushnikov of "", one of the first crowd investing platforms in Russia.
SHARE is one of the first crowd investing platforms in Russia. Although it already represents around 100 pr...

Interview with that "sell anything that can be legally exported from US and imported in Russia”
SHARE is an eCommerce importing all sorts of US goods into Russia.

Fast Lane Ventures' General Director is impressed by level of professionalism in the Russian VC market

Marina Treshova believes that there will be a boom in Russian startups in the education and financial sectors.

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