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This is where Russian startups can attract investment from domestic and international investors.

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If you are searching for investment, please complete your pitch. It will be moderated and then posted on our limited-access database, which only our partner funds can view. It is your responsibility to post your project and to follow the views it gets from investors. In this case RusBase works like a marketplace for your projects.

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Funds and Investors from our Partners Program have full access to all the projects seeking investment, tracking reports regrading the progress of startups in our database and our regular RusBase Invest Letter. Please submit the form and we will let you know about the different options available for our Partners.

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If you want to make your project available for investors to see, you must fill in a special form and identify the level of confidentiality you require. All pitches submitted to RusBase are moderated. Before filling in the form, please read our “conditions for displaying projects”.

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If you are a business incubator, accelerator or startup community, you can become a “provider” of projects for RusBase partners. Here you can find out more details about our Providers Program.

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Below you can view all our public pitches. Other projects can only be viewed by participants in RusBase’s Partners’ Program.

KidErudite KidErudite - центр мобильного обучения для дошкольников. В программу входят лучшие приложения от ведущих разработчиков, отобранные педагогами-психологами, методистами дошкольного оразования и тех. специалистами.
Social Coins Expenseless donations
MarketMixer MarketMixer is online service to compare wholesale prices and automate supplier experience for online-shops based on the best purchasing conditions changing in realtime.
Online University for Parents Educational service for parents containing short videos, evidence-based and relevant to the child's age. “Twitter” like platform for traders and investors Capitalize on 2 trends: increasing popularity of forex & stock investing and “social investing"
FlightBot Monitoring engine for flight tickets. It continuosly check the availability of hot deals and offer it to customers.
5 Cars ( Service that connects buyers and dealers of new cars to guarantee buyers the best price, without the hassle of haggling
The-K-Market Online platform (video tutorial bank). One can upload and sell an access to his/her video tutorial or to set the status "free" and earn from ads. Learn, teach, share your knowledge or sell it on the platform the-k-market!
atCollab B2B interaction network Currently it is a tool for simplification of communication with potential and current suppliers.
Dofinium Structurized filestore and application for educational processes. Targeted to big educational organizations. Allows to create set of materials (even for few years) and assign them to branches in few mouse clicks. Provides learning materials to students step by step. Accepts back completed task and redirects to teacher for verification. Allows to update or fix learning materials "on the fly". Archive of learning materials, completed tasks and assessments. In nearest plans: "book as service", "platform for independed tutors/students".
BooknGo BooknGo is a cloud platform for apartments booking which is provided under a model of SaaS - (software as a service).
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