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Yandex Music gets a makeover

0 1 August 2014

The updated version of Yandex Music (Yandex.Muzyka) has been launched. Its design now matches the rest of the site. Among the new features are a new search box design, new search options, such as “album” and “market”. The player is now at the bottom of the page, leaving space for more other content.

Yandex Music also now has a recommendation function, choosing music which best matches the user’s taste from its 17 million tracks. The system uses three main criteria: user listening habits, friends’ taste and music which is currently popular.

The new version of Yandex Music is connected to VKontakte and Facebook, enabling subscribers of both social networks to share music with their friends. This is not a new feature amongst Yandex Music's competitors, such as Spotify and Deezer. However, those sites are only integrated with Facebook, which still trails VKontakte in Russia. Thus this new feature better tailors the service to the  Russian market, to the benefit of Yandex, its users, and artists featured on the site.

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