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Technopolis Moscow resident invests $170 million in new printing project

0 30 July 2014

“T8 Publishing Technologies”, a new resident of Technopolis Moscow, is planning to invest $170 million in its new project “Print on demand”, as announced by the Moscow City Government Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Enterpreneurship.

“Print on demand” uses technology that enables the colour printing of books in paper or hardback for as little as $0.70 each. T8 Publishing Technologies aims to use this technology to release thousands of new books on a daily basis, with the printing process only taking a few minutes per book.

Thanks to its residency at Technopolis Moscow, the company can rely on a number of tax exemptions, relating to real estate (0%) and profit gains (13,5%). Its residency also allows for new collaborations on publishing and social projects. Technopolis Moscow will also house new polygraph equipment and creative spaces for design, text editing and education.

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