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Mark Shmulevich appointed as operational manager of Acronis

0 3 July 2014

Mark Shmulevich, who resigned from the office of vice-Minister of Communications two weeks ago, will become the main strategic and operational manager of the company Acronis, which develops softwares for reserved tracing of data. The news was recently confirmed by Shmulevich himself.

As vice-Minister of Communications, he was appointed with the task of improving the IT industry. Nikolay Nikoforov, Minister of Communications, has recently stated that Shmulevich gave the Ministry new direction as the driving force behind development of the IT sector, one of the most successful non-commodity industries of Russian economy. While in charge, he also gave small IT-companies access to tax exemptions, and a law simplifying the recruitment process of foreign specialists in Russian IT-companies was also enacted.

In order to take on the deputy Communications Minister role Shmulevich left his post as Business Development Manager at the Russian Quantum Centre and his responsibilities for government relations at venture fund Runa Capital. While at the Quantum Centre he managed to wind up long-standing contrasts and conflicts of interests with foreign scientific institutes, as well as launch the first Russian scientific centre following international standards.

So, it comes as no surprise that Acronis has tasked Shmulevich to improve the effectiveness of reports and analysis and to reinforce communication ties with scientific centres. One of Shmulevich's core tasks will be to build a good relationship between business companies and universities, since he reckons that they are still flawed by mutual complaints. He also intends to start collaborations with Russian and international universities, namely Oxford, Harvard, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kazan, and St. Petersburg Universities.

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