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Rusbase and RVK get together for a picnic

0 25 July 2014

Last Sunday, the first RusBase and RVK venture picnic took place at Serebryany Bor. It was an informal gathering, with enterpreneurs and investors meeting to chat, eat good food, relax by the lake and play volleyball.

With regards to the volleyball, a whole tournament ended up taking place, with the winning team (Maria Podlesnova – Rusbase, Anna Verkhovykh – “MedKiper”, Ivan Pakhorukov – ROSNANO, Oleg Serebrennikov – Dotpay Services SA) getting a whole tray of barbecued kebab from RVK.

The guests also fought their way to victory in “Venture Charades”. They had to describe, act out, and finally draw, various bits of business jargon, including “business angel” and “venture fund” with their teammates trying to guess the terms. 

Here's how Andrey Kulagin from RVK portrayed company Tesla:

And here's how players portrayed “venture fund”:

Here is an “accelerator”:

Mikhail Kmetyuk
There was a relaxed and down to earth atmosphere, with friendly people, and valuable discussion. Why valuable? Firstly, because everyone was united by one thing – new projects and the desire to create. Games of volleyball, tasty kebabs, new friends and potential new investors – it was all there. There are a lot of these kind of events, but very few of them succeed in getting the balance of being relaxed and enjoyable while also being productive. What was lacking? The same things as always: time…and water.

Aleksandr Tokmakov

Weather 10+, location 10- (there were an awful lot of people, we probably could have done without a few). Organization: food 10- (the pork was a bit fatty, but the wine and all the rest was great), volleyball 8- (I played very little), the “Venture charades” 10+++. To sum up, I got a lot more out of it than I thought. A suggestion for the future: choose a quieter place and more succesful guests please

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