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Four startups get official endorsement from the President

0 11 July 2014

After the "Internet Enterpreneurship in Russia" forum, President Vladimir Putin signed a number of measures connected with Internet enterpreneurship and startups. Included in the bill was confirmation that four startups will be considered by government departments interested in making use of their services. 

– The administration of the president is considering ways that "Satisfied Citizen" ("Dovolny Grazhdanin"), an online system that receives and analyses comments and messages from members of the public, could be used to provide answers to FAQs, offer a platform for citizens' initiatives and host online votes on various issues. 

– The Russian government also hopes to make use of startup UNIM Histology, a system that provide particular groups of citizens with interventional medical-social help and remote diagnosis of oncological diseases.

UNIM Histology's system allows a patient from any region of Russia to send biopsic material to a specialized laboratory, where it is analysed. The company offers “door to door” delivery of the material, issues an electronic version of the diagnosis and offers a “Second Opinion” service (remote advice by qualified doctors on the basis of the given analysis).

– Russia's Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation is also looking into the possibility of using language-learning app Easy Ten to popularise the Russian language abroad. The project recently raised $450,000 from state-sponsored accelerator FRII. 

– The Moscow government is also keen to take advantage of a system for remote accounting and data processing for public goods consumption developed by "Mikronet" ("Strizh"). Mikronet uses special sensors to measure water, light and heat consumption. The data could be useful to citizens themselves, but also to administrative companies and municipalities.

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