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Leviev invests $670k in bitcoin startup

0 20 August 2014

Dutch platform Blocktrail  has received $670k investment from BlockCorp, founded by Boaz Bechar and former Vkontakte shareholder Lev Leviev.

BlockTrail is a free app which provides analysis of bitcoin transactions. It could be useful to both private companies and public organisations.

Bitcoins are now very much on the venture radar. Yury Milner recently invested in startup Khapo, as part of a $20 million investment round. Khapo is a system that allows users to process bitcoin payments. The company intends to increase public trust in the cryptocurrency, and thus make its use more widespread.

About Lev Leviev
Lev Leviev formerly held 8% of shares in Vkontke, but he and his partner Vyacheslav Mirilashvili sold their stakes to Ilya Shcherbovich’s fund UCP in April 2013. Last month, Leviev and Mirilashvili’s fund Vaizra Capital invested $2.5 million in Coub, a video looping service.


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