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KupiVIP acquires startup Price3d

0 12 August 2014

Holding company, owned by Oskar Hartmann has bought project, a product catalogue platform which works with online stores in the clothing, shoes and accesories sector. 

The whole Price3d team has been taken on by KupiVIP, but other details of the acquisition have not yet been released.

About Price3d
Price3d was founded in October 2013 by Oleg Naumov and Dmitriy Dirin. The company is now one of the most successful startups in the sector.

About KupiVIP
KupiVIP was founded by Oskar Hartmann in 2008. The company includes the shopping club KupiVIP, online boutique, webzine and subdivision KupiVIP E-Commerce Services. The company also has a German subdivision called KupiVIP Germany, and branches in Los Angeles, Milan and Paris. The company also launched its own fashion portal in 2013.

Source: Firrma

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