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Introducing SmartScribe

0 23 July 2014

Among the enterpreneurs who joined RusBase’s picnic on Sunday were representatives from SmartScribe. Founded by Nikolay Lyubecky, SmartScribe is a sevice that creates catchy and easy to understand videos for enterpreneurs. The videos promote the startup's product, summing up in a few minutes what the company is about and what it has to offer potential clients and investors. They are concise and informative, grabbing the viewer's attention and staying long in the memory. Here is their video on Dodo Pizza’s drone:

SmartScribe have recently signed a partnership agreement with Sozday Svoyu Zhizn (Build Your Life), a service that helps developing businesses in Moscow. SmartScribe and SSZ are currently working collaborating to create informative animated videos using a whiteboard animation technique. 

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