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Fitness bracelet Healbe attracts $2,6 million investment

0 18 August 2014

A number of investors, whose names are yet to be revealed, have invested $2,6 million in fitness bracelet Healbe. Among the crowd of investors were also Dmitry Chaly, Aleksandr Tarakanov, Aleksey Girin and Starta Capital Accessor Fund.

At first, Starta Capital invested $200k in Healbe in 2012. The fitness bracelet went on to attract another $3 million of investments, $1 million of which were due to crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo.

About Healbe
Healbe consists of a cloud service and fitness bracelet GoBe. It was created by Artem Shipcin, Georgy Mikaberidze and Stanislav Povolocky. Healbe’s technology analyses blood composition and features a calorie counter function. It also takes into account the user’s weight, physical activity and other parameters regarding the user’s health.

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