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First Yandex tablets now for sale

0 19 August 2014

Media Markt has launched the first two tablets to feature Yandex.Kit firmware, the Smarto 3GD52i and Smarto 3GDi10. The tablets use Android operating systems, but instead of Google, they feature Yandex apps. They are priced at $200 and $275 for the 8 inch and 10.1 inch versions respectively.

When asked about the tablet’s producer, Media Markt representatives replied that it was a “commercial secret”. However, rumour has it that the tablets were produced by Ramos and Wisky.

The two tablets differ not only in their display size, but also their design. The 8 inch display version’s front panel is monochrome, while the 10.1 has a metallic frame, and its design is reminiscent of HTC One.

Those who purchase the new tablets receive 50 GB for free on Yandex.Disk

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