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Western media struck by pizza delivery service in Syktyvkar

0 1 July 2014

A new pizza delivery system has stunned the city of Syktyvkar, 1000 km North East of St. Petersburg. Dodo Pizza's move is innovative to say the least: pizzas are carried and delivered by a drone, which flies all the way to the client's home. The first delivery took place in Syktyvkar on June 21, amidst a dazzled crowd filming the unusual event.

Syktyvkar's citizens can be sure that this is not just a one-off publicity stunt: Dodo Pizza will indeed stick to this fast and funny delivery process. The drone is able to carry 5 kilos at 40 km/h, and is controlled with a GPS by a distant operator. This GPS system, along with the fact that the drone slowly drops the pizzas with a cable equipped with an antitheft device, protects the goods from falling in the wrong hands.

The innovative delivery service has made quite a splash in the Western media, which are always quick to jump on weird and wonderful things to come out of Russia. The story was featured on dozens of online news sites, including the Business Insider and the Washington Post.

Not bad publicity for a company without a marketing budget...

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