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Social networks now most popular internet resource in Russia

0 2 February 2014

Internet company TNS recently published rankings that grouped together similar services in order to establish the most popular web resources in Russia. Social network sites topped the rankings, according to information gathered by TNS Russia in December 2013, with an average of 34% of Russia’s population using the sites every day.

In second place are internet search engines, which are used daily by 29% of Russians. In third place with 25% are mail servers.

The average number Russian users of social networking sites on mobile applications annually has increased in 2013 by 44% to 15.4 million users in December, compared with 2012. Users of the web-version of social networks grew by 3% to 33.9 million users in the same period.

Ilya Grabowski, from Russia's #2 social network Оdnoklassniki commented that

“The popularity of the mobile version of sites and applications can be simply explained because generally they can be used at any time and in practically any place. As seen with Оdnoklassniki (Classmates) over the last year, we also grew well in terms of our mobile audience. In Russia, our daily audience of uniquely mobile application users who do not overlap with desktop users is currently at 9.5 million users,”

Leading the internet traffic ratings for social network sites is VKontakte's (In Touch) browser version with an average daily quota of 24.9 million users. In second place is Odnoklassniki with 17.9 million users. Concluding the top three is Moi Mir (My World)” which, in December 2013, registered an average of 5.1 million users to the site every day.

Members of Vkontakte were the most active, spending on average 39 minutes a day on the site. Users of “Одноклассники” on average use the site for 32 minutes a day and users of Moi Mir for 8 minutes.

Social networks via a desktop computer are used by people of all ages, while among mobile users the young are predominant: half of these users are aged between 12 and 24. It is worth mentioning that the older the user, the greater the number of social networks he uses. If an average user in the 12 to 24 age group used on average 3.3 resources, in the age group between 45 and 64 this figure increases to 3.7 social networks according to figures from December 2013.


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