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Russian company joins the EdTech Top-20

0 17 June 2014

A list has been published in London of the most influential European companies in the sphere of e-learning and educational technology. In the list are companies from 15 countries, including GB, France, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, and Russia, which is represented in the list by St Petersburg based startup “”. was launched in 2009 and in 2011 the project received a $1.7 million investment from Prostor Capital. In 2012 Runa Capital then invested $5 million in the project. More than 30,000 Russian schools now use the “” platform, giving the project a total audience of 5 million students, 644,000 teachers and around 3 million parents. was one of three new entries in the list, along with Busuu and Docebo. We believe the prospects are good for “” in the global market and our work is based on the leading practices,” commented Dnevnik's director-general Gavril Levi.

The ratings for EdTech Europe were compiled by some of the leading experts in the field of innovation and technology in education. The criteria for selection were as follows: compliance with key trends in the sphere of e-learning (SaaS, MOOC, adaptive learning, gaming), scalability of a project's technology and the influence of a company in the global EdTech market.

“By helping to highlight the effective sectors and prominent companies of the European market in digital education, we hope to improve expertise and attract capital for growth and prosperity in the industry as a whole,” said Charles MacIntyre, the director-general of IBIS Capital and co-founder of EdTech Europe.

Source: CNews

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