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Online Retail Russia 2014 Conference

0 25 February 2014

The event Online Retail Russia, organised by the B2B Conference Group, is for professionals specialising in e-commerce and in particular those working in big businesses in Runet (Russian-language Internet).

During this year’s conference participants will discuss the main questions facing the industry, analyse case studies from successful managers and executives from large e-commerce companies and will also recognise the best in e-commerce in the Online Retail Awards.

Among the key themes of this year’s conference are branding in online retail, returning customers, scalability in business (regional development), the profitability of Russian e-commerce, the  retailers vs advertising monopoly, and increasing prices where there is demand.

There will be representatives from services and solutions companies who serve the e-commerce market, providing relevant services for the industry at the conference and there will also be presentations given specially for the conference members who will have the opportunity to seek advice and ask questions.

Participants of the conference now expect more in terms of networking. The specialist mobile app BBCG (supported by OC, iOC, and Android) will allow them to plan the day in advance, to arrange meetings, to receive detailed information about other participants and even an online application will allow them to put forward their questions to the speaker during a presentation.

The programme of the conference also includes a private function for the “Top-100” and the Online Retail Russia 2014 award winners.

The private function for the “Top-100” will provide a forum for the major players in online retail to meet with top officials and government representatives to discuss the latest initiatives and to make requests to the government (along with the Association of E-Commerce Companies AKIT), and the award winners will meet with representatives of the best business schools to co-create a course for education and training in e-commerce.

In turn, the Online Retail Russia 2014 awards will bring together companies who work either solely online or run an online shop alongside the high street stores. In 2014 an expert panel have put forward their nominations for the following categories: “Best online-shopping site of the year”, “Best in category” (DIY and Household, clothes and shoes, electronics and household appliances, children’s products, services), and “Best new business”.

For the first time there will be also be nominations in a special category for journalists writing about e-commerce. The panel will choose a winner using any type of media (printed mass media, television/radio, online mass media, blogs, etc.) who reports on current affairs in the e-commerce industry. Among the selection criteria are objectivity and comprehensiveness (including in critical articles and reports), the contemporaneity of the reports, the popularisation of e-commerce etc. Materials to be considered for the competition will be accepted until 14th of March 2014 and should be sent to: The prizes will be awarded with the support of AKIT.

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