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LinguaLeo follows Yandex’s example in Turkey

0 19 June 2014

LinguaLeo, a Russian app foreign language learning, has reported the launch of its service in Turkey as it aims to go global. The service has introduced a local web-version of the product as well as a mobile app.

This is the third market in which company has launched its product, which, according to their own estimates, already has around 9 million users in Russia, the CIS and Brazil.

Maria Glazkova, head of PR for LinguaLeo commented that,

“Within the framework of our plans for global expansion we chose Turkey for a variety of reasons. Amongst the country’s population there is high usage of the internet and other mobile gadgets and the country has a well-developed internet-infrastructure. Most importantly Turkey’s population is young and responding quickly to global trends. People today usually have little free time; therefore, we believe that LinguaLeo can easily become part of everyday life.”

In 2011 digital services for the learning of foreign languages accounted for only about 1% of the global “language market”, but 4% of the English-language learning sector. By 2016 it is expected that Asia will see the biggest growth in this market (to approximately 20%). The value of English language learning online resources in the Asian market is expected to be $1.375 billion by 2016, compared to $375 million in Eastern Europe. Russia and Brazil (already a part of LinguaLeo’s portfolio) are among the top ten fastest growing markets for English-language learning. Turkey’s rate of growth is not among the top ten; however the money is comparable with Russia and behind Brazil.


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