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Russians, believe it or not, are happier than ever before

0 7 May 2014

78% of Russians today say that they feel happy - the highest percentage since the the end of the Soviet Union, according to a survey carried out by WCIOM (the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre).

The “happiness index”, which takes responses to the question “in general, do you consider yourself to be happy” to generate an overall ‘happiness’ score for the country was also higher than ever before, reaching 64.

One in three said that their happiness was connected to their family and friends. 13% were content with their lives thanks to interesting work or studies. The number of people who described themselves as ‘happy to be alive’ has doubled to 7%. 12% say that they are happy because life is going well.

The highest number of happy people – 92% - was observed among 18 to 24 year olds. The survey also found that 83% of people with higher education consider themselves happy. 45% of those questioned were also confident that the people around them were also happy people.

Unhappiness was mostly connected with low-income or illness.

The survey is based on the responses of 1600 people from 130 Russian towns in 42 regions. The margin for error is not more than 3.4%. 

Source: VCIOM

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