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Yandex launches new commercial translation service

0 22 August 2014


Yandex has launched a new commercial version of its Translation API which will allow users to translate larger volumes of text. Its standard API will still be free and available to everyone.

The Translation API is a programing interface for developers. It allows them to use Yandex machine translation in their products. It works with over 40 languages in any combination. At the core of the API is Yandex’s machine translation technology, which carries out statistical translation. Yandex compares the same texts in different languages and ‘learns’ the translation.

Users of the new API service will be able to translate around 100 billion characters per day. The standard version is limited to 10 million characters per month per user, or a billion for commercial clients. The new service could be useful for social networks, through which millions of users from different countries communicate on a daily basis. The new API would also help the work of translation bureaus and allow global companies to localise their documents. Yandex makes a service quality guarantee to all users of its commercial services.

Yandex also offers developers other products besides its translation API. The majority are free, although some are commercial services such as they pay version of Yandex Maps and speech recognition service Yandex SpeechKit Cloud.


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