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Yandex Money launches new service for creating online stores

0 11 August 2014

Yandex Money and Simtech have launched Merchium, a cloud service which will enable anyone to create their own online store. The service, which uses the e-commerce software CS-Cart, will provide users with all the necessary features of any online store, such as a catalogue and shopping basket. The companies’ joint press release states that the creation and hosting of stores using Merchium will be free.  

Merchium has an in built Checkout which uses Yandex Money’s universal payments system. It allows stores to receive payments via all the most popular methods: with an e-wallet such as Yandex Money or WebMoney, with Visa, Mastercard and Maestro bank cards, via the mobile accounts of major Russian network operators, and also via cash payment terminals, of which there are now over 170,000 across Russia.

The platform is also integrated with other Yandex services. For example, it is possible to register delivery destinations via Yandex Maps or to upload your catalogue to Yandex Market. 

Roman Ananyev, manager of Yandex Money:

“Merchium is a universal platform. It suits both those experienced in the e-commerce market and complete novices. In the future we plan to add new payment methods and to integrate Merchium with even more Yandex services”

Vladimir Kalynyak, general manager of Simtech:

“Merchium works with CS-Cart, which is used by more than 35,000 online stores across the world. The platform offers all the same functions as CS-Cart but via cloud technology. At the moment it is geared towards the Russian internet, but in the future we plan to bring it to the European and US markets, where CS-Cart is already fairly well known. We predict that in the next two years around 10,000 online stores will be created using Merchium”


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