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Yandex buys mobile development studio Any Void

0 1 September 2014

Yandex has purchased mobile development company Any Void. The Any Void team, along with its head Yury Podorozhny will start work at Yandex from today. They will be responsible for the company’s Geo services.

When asked why it had chosen to buy Any Void above the many other teams of developers currently working with Yandex, the company had this to say: “There is no one specific reason. When we were working with Any Void, we had the same ideas about what our products should be like, and there was a great working relationship between them and the Yandex Geo services team.”

Any Void has a strong reputation in the mobile development market, and is spoken of positively not just by customers, but by competitors as well. “It is a small studio with strong specialists. For them it’s more about craft than business,” said one competitor.

Any Void is currently working on table reservation service GetTable and mobile banking service RocketBank. Although the company has been bought by Yanex, it will fulfil its obligations to current projects, which it hopes to finish by the end of September. 

Yandex press service:

“Geo serivices are one of our key departments, with mobile products such as Yandex Maps, Yandex Navigator and Yandex Metro some of our most downloaded, both in Russia and abroad. The guys at Any Void share our vision about future products, which is why they have joined the Yandex team.”


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