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Yandex to place contextual ads on Vkontakte

0 1 September 2014

Yandex Direct adverts may soon appear on VKontakte. Both companies are considering the idea of placing contextual ads on the social network and are carrying out trials, although no agreement has yet been signed.

Dmitri Popov, head of Yandex’s advertising network:

“On Thursday a number of VKontakte users will have seen contextual adverts from Yandex Direct on their pages. This was a joint trial by the two companies.”

Over the course of a month advertising will be shown on private users’ pages. If both parties agree then it is possible the Yandex Direct adverts will use users’ socio-demographic data in order to target advertising on the social network.

Arsen Revazov, board member of Russian online advertising company IMHO Vi this partnership between the two companies heralds major changes for the advertising market. If Yandex Direct appears on all of the social network’s pages then it will have a huge audience. He also noted that a contract of this size could in fact cause a drop in the price of online advertising.

100% of Yandex’s profits come from advertising – 94% from contextual and 6% from media. VKontakte makes half of its profits from advertising, and the rest from apps. 


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