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So where exactly is Crimea? Yandex isn't sure.

0 26 March 2014 and Yandex have made changes to their maps of Crimea to show its incorporation into the Russian Federation. were the first to commit to the change, announcing that the whole of Crimea will be shown as Russian territory on their maps, regardless of the country from which the user is accessing the service. However, although Crimea is now labelled ‘Crimea, Russia’, the border between Crimea and Ukraine is not yet shown on their service.

Yandex has now fully incorporated Crimea into the Russian Federation on their Russian maps. However, a spokesperson pointed out that the company is developing several different representations of the changes, since it operates in a number of countries – not just Russia and Ukraine, but also Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey. On Maps.Yandex, the company's English language service, Crimea is still represented as part of Ukraine.  

Russian navigation company Navitel are yet to comment on their plans regarding the changes, while the press service of 2GIS stated that their map service is divided according to individual cities rather than territories, and that they don’t yet offer maps of any Crimean cities.

Nokia and Microsoft are also yet to comment on how Crimea’s status will be represented on their maps. Google’s press service have said that “Google’s goal is to offer users the most complete and up to date maps. In taking decisions regarding the representation of countries and territories on our maps we consult various sources and standards used by international organisations.”

Last week the Russian President, Crimean officials and the Mayor of Sevastopol signed an agreement confirming the accession of Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia. 

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