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VKontakte to launch new specialised apps

0 13 August 2014

VKontakte is planning to release three separate new apps for music, photos and sending messages. The plans were recently announced by representatives of the company.

VK Developer Oleg Ilarionov noted that the number of people using the social network on their mobile is growing fast, making it a key area of attention for the company.

“It is now clear that this year VKontakte will hit the milestone of 50% of users accessing the network via mobile. The next stage is to create individual but interconnected apps for separate functions, which will compete for users. First we are want to make a music app, but we are also planning a messenger service and a photo app.”

Ilarionov underlined that the social network does not plan to force users to move to the new services, as Facebook has in the past by preventing messages from being sent via their original app.

This needs to be a spontaneous process: we aren’t forcing people to move from using their computers to their phones and we’re also not going to force them to switch to the separate apps. Users should use whichever service is most convenient for them. The future is wherever our users decide it should be.

In June 2014 VK’s press secretary George Lobushkin stated that it was ‘considering’ launching a music player. Later RBK announced that VK was preparing a separate music app in partnership with rights holder ‘National Music Publisher’.

In spring 2012 Petr Yakovlev created a messenger app for VK called VK Messages, during a competition held by Pavel Durov. However, there is still no official VK messenger app. During the competition a VK photo app was also designed, but as with the messenger service, no official app followed.


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