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Vkontakte back on AppStore

0 21 July 2014

Social network Vkontakte’s iPhone app has returned to AppStore, with a few changes, after a several month absence.

The primary change concerns access to free music from the social network. Whereas previously it was possible to listen to any music on the site via the app, songs are now limited to 30 seconds, after which the user will be asked to go to iTunes and purchase the full track or album in order to finish listening.

The app was removed at the request of Apple, who launched iTunes in Russia at the end of 2012. They claim that their business was negatively affected by access to pirated music, however representatives of Vkontakte claim that Apple were unhappy with adult content on the social network.

At the end of May the social network “Classmates” also had its app removed from AppStore due to pirated music. According to their representatives they are still negotiating with rights holders to resolve the issue. 


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