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Verta Media buys advertising platform AdCenter for $400k

0 22 July 2014

The international advertising network VertaMedia has bought AdCenter, an automated service for placing adverts on social networks, for $400k. AdCenter was founded in 2012 by internet entrepreneur Vadim Rogovsky from Odessa. At the time of the sale AdCenter’s turnover was around $15k per month. All the company’s clients will be transferred to VertaMedia.

VertaMedia was founded in 2008 by the Ukrainian Aleksandr Bornyakov, partner in business incubator WannaBiz. It specialises in contextual, media and video advertising and is headquartered in New York.

VertaMedia has assured clients of AdCenter that they will benefit from the merger, gaining access to key sources of traffic from their platform. According to Vadim Rogovsky an English version of AdCenter will be created, with the name most likely remaining the same.

The Ukrainian startup lost 10 team members at the time of the sale, and the rest will now work for VertaMedia. AdCenter’s development will focus on the Western market, placing advertising API on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Vadim Rogovsky is now concentrating on his own project, Clickky, a mobile advertising platform.


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