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TMT managers increase shareholdings in the company

0 2 December 2013

Advance Consulting Services Ltd (whose controlling shareholder is Artem Inyutin) have acquired more than 3.5 million shares in TMT Investments from Wissey Trade & Invest Ltd. The total value of the deal has not been disclosed. Advance now own a 19.7% share in TMT, up from 5.3%.

Wissey Trade & Invest Ltd are left with 5 million shares (20.2%) after the deal.

As the co-founder and Investment Director of TMT, Artem Inyutin’s portfolio includes many companies which are well known in the west, including Share This,, Wanelo, Backblaze, DepositPhotos, and others. TMT Investments PLC is a public company, whose shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange, on the AIM.

They recently introduced the online news service Anews to the Russian market.

“I am pleased that I have managed to increase our shareholding in TMT, as I firmly believe in the potential of the companies in our portfolio. I imagine that other shareholder-managers will also try to increase their stakes in the company.” – Artem Inyutin


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