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New Tech Park to be built in Crimea

0 29 July 2014

Sevastopol is to be home to a new tech park. The decision was taken on 18th July 2014 at a meeting chaired by Dmitry Kozak, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, who is in charge of issues relating to Crimea and Sevastopol.

Present at the meeting, where the issues relating to the Sevastopol tech park were discussed, were a number of important ministers from the departments of energy, communications, transport and finance, and those responsible for Crimean affairs. It was decided that the construction of the tech park, to take place in 2014-15, would be financed as part of the state programme for the creation of science and technology parks.

The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media has decided that the state funding of the park will come from the authorised capital of Open Joint Stock Company Innopolis. OJSC Innopolis is one of the operators behind the construction near Kazan, in the Republic of Tartarstan, of the IT-city Innopolis. The company, with an authorised capital of 1.5 billion roubles was created in August 2012 with financing from the Ministry of Communications.

Precise information about the characteristics of the Sevastopol tech park and the amount of funding set aside for its construction budget is yet to be released.

To get an idea, in 2013 for the financing of the two open joint stock companies involved in the creation of the Innopolis tech park, OJSC Innopolis and OJSC “SEZ” Innopolis, a total of 12.1 billion roubles was made available. The state will only cover the cost of construction and social objectives for the park. It is supposed that for the remaining costs will be covered in partnership with the private sector.

Kazan’s Innopolis covers an area of approximately 2,200 hectares, and will be home to 60,000 IT specialists and their families (up to 155,000 people). During the first phase (up to 2015) the infrastructure will be built for 10,000 IT specialists. There will be an IT university of the same name in the city. The cost of the whole project is around 650 billion roubles.


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