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Moscow Seed Fund invests in startup Tickets Cloud

0 31 July 2014

Moscow Seed Fund, together with investment firm Starta Capital, has put 4.5 million roubles ($126k) into Tickets Cloud. Also amongst its investors are Borodich and IMI.VC Investment Company.

The basic idea behind the model developed by Tickets Cloud is to organise the market for event tickets along the lines of the current airline ticket market. It gives event organisers access to tools for managing ticket marketing: transaction services, a pool of distributors etc. Distributors receive access to the current event listings. Transactions are registered on the system, and the administration of sales and accounts takes place automatically in real time.

The developers have also come up with an analytical model which allows them to use geo-targeting, and to analyse sales and internet traffic. Tickets Cloud also provides legal support for its partners and offers risk insurance.

The system is set to be launched in September of this year.


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