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Startertrack raises $496k investment for 2 startups

0 7 August 2014

The crowd investment platform StartTrack has raised $496k (18 million roubles) through two investment deals.The startups which received the investment were PromoAtlas and Fotokeeper.

PromoAtlas, an online system for the placement and management of indoor advertising, received funding from the Foundation for Internet Development Initiatives (which owns StartTrack), as well as from another investor whose name has not been disclosed. The project, which is a graduate of the second FRII accelerator, received $413k (15 million roubles).

Fotokeeper, a photo printing service, received investment of $83k (3 million roubles). It came from Stanislav Dolzhikov, cofounder of the agency Buzzaar.

StartTrack was founded in November 2013 by the FRII. The service counts on a pool of 30 current startups and more than 100 accredited investors. Its director is Konstantin Shabalin who was CEO and cofounder of crowd investment resource SmartMarket. 


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