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Softline Seed Fund purchases 45% of ‘Stakhanovets’ for $221k

0 25 August 2014

Softline Seed Fund has bought a 45% steak in the project ‘Stakhanovets’ for $221k. The funds from the investment will be used in the development of the product, as well as to further penetrate the market and expand sales channels. Softline Seed Fund chose to invest in the project as it fits with the fund’s focus on IT security solutions.

‘Stakhanovets’ monitors employee computer activity and analyses the collected data. It allows company management to identify ineffective workers and find ‘bottlenecks’ in their work, as well as to deal with the risks caused by negligent employees. The programme follows use of apps, collects data on search queries and the addresses of sites which employees visit. It also records e-correspondence, chat histories (Skype, Lync, ICQ etc.), takes screenshots and monitors use of webcams and microphones. The company would not disclose which companies were already using ‘Stakhanovets’, but says there are more than 500. It is up to individual companies to decide whether to let employees know about the monitoring system.

Mikhail Yakhimovich and Sergey Shamshin are behind the project, and their development centre is based in Ukraine. Andrei Ignatov is the company’s general director in Russia, where the product is sold through company Aflex Distribution.

Softline Seed Fund  

Softline Seed Fund is a venture fund created during investment negotiations between RVC and Softline Venture Partners. The fund invests in cloud services, digital marketing, data protection and mobile technology. Its funds total $939k.


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