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Russia’s global IT competitiveness on the up

0 3 September 2014

Russia has seen increases in access to new technology, use of technology in the corporate sector and levels of internet access according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015. In the new report Russia was ranked 108th of the 144 countries in terms of its population’s access to new technology, up from 124th last year.

The report noted that foreign direct investment has played a relatively small role in the dissemination of new technology in Russia.

This year Russia was ranked 98th for employment of new technology in the corporate sector, up from 126th. Its ranking for levels of internet access also rose from 62nd to 49th.

According to the WEF data 61.4% of Russians have access to internet. This is higher than in Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, but lower than countries such as Chile, Qatar and Kuwait. The figure last year was 53.3%.

16.6% of Russians have access to fixed broadband, putting it in 43rd place. The average speed experienced by a Russian internet user is 41.2 KBps. For comparison, the average speed in Luxembourg is 6.4 MBps. 60.1% of Russians have access to wireless broadband via mobile devices, leaving it in 29th place, only beaten by countries such as Singapore, Finland and Japan.

Russia’s overall competitiveness rating was 53rd, up 11 places from last year. Furthermore, in April the WEF included Russian in the Top 50 of its Network Readiness Index.


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