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Russia’s share of global OTT video market less than 1%

0 8 August 2014

J’son & Partners Consulting has published research into the OTT video market. Over the Top (OTT) refers to content (on a computer, mobile etc.) which is accessed via the internet tather than via a multi-system operator (MST).

The most dynamic period for the OTT video market was between 2012-13, due to the active geographical spread of the service and technological advances in data transmission.

The Russian market share in OTT video in 2013 was 0.7%, or $98 million. It is dominated by the advertising model (aVOD) which accounts for 75%. Paying models (VOD, sVOD, EST) make up less than 25% of the Russian market compared with 54% globally.

The top 3 Russian players in the OTT video market are IVI, Tvigle and Playfamily

Many major tech companies are taking an interest in OTT services, with Israeli startups proving particularly popular at the moment. In July Yahoo! Bought RayV, and last year Samsung purchased Boxee. Russian companies are also beginning to appreciate the importance of OTT services. Trellas Enterprises Limited, owned by retail network ‘Svyaznoy’, has recently bought a controlling stake in startup Vidmind for $30 million.


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