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Odnoklassniki partners with United Music Group to offer legal music

0 3 April 2014

The social network Odnoklassniki (Classmates) has begun working with United Music Group on the licensing of music for the site, according to their press service. 

The music, licensed by United Music Group, will be used primarily for the “Musical Gifts” service, which was launched by Odnoklassniki at the end of last year. The service allows users to download tracks as a virtual gift, which they can then send to friends. 

United Music Group includes the companies Quadro-Disk, Nikitin MDS and Classic-Company, and deals with the rights of artists such as Leonid Agutin, Angelika Varum, Grigory Leps and others. 

Previously, Odnoklassniki has worked with 6 companies in the licensing of music, such as First Music Publishers, Gala Records and Warner Brothers. 

Odnoklassniki is Russia’s second most popular social network, and is used mostly by over 25s. According to TNS it has a monthly audience of 42.6 million. Group owns 100% of the project. 


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