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Massa Innovations comes to the aid of Russian investors

0 26 August 2014



The Massa Innovations group, founded by IDM Venture Capital partners Victoria Palatnik and Denis Gamobramov is entering the Russian market, and plans to work actively with Russian investors.

Massa Innovations aims to be a ‘unique hub’ for Russian investors, aiding them with investment in foreign tech startups.

Massa Innovations’ portfolio includes projects from a number of IT areas, such as gaming, cyber-sports companies and startups working with mass data. The company invests in projects in Israel, South East Asia and Silicon Valley.

About IDM Venture Capital

IDM Venture Capital was founded in 2012 by Denis Gamobarov, Victoria Palatnik and Roderick Chia. It specialises in early stage investment in tech startups. The fund focuses on projects requiring investment in the region of $1-10 million. Among the projects in the fund’s portfolio is cyber-sport platform XFire.


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