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Life.SREDA invests in Scorista

0 27 August 2014

The latest project to receive investment from venture fund Life.SREDA is, an online microfinance credit scoring service. The sum invested has not been disclosed, but the fund’s analysts believe the project to be worth somewhere in the region of $3-4 million.

Scortista operates in the Pay Day Loan and Point of Sale sectors, working with loans of up to $2.8k for a period of up to a year. It uses a combination of Big Data alongside more traditional means to calculate its credit scores. As well as credit history, it uses data from social networks to analyse borrowers’ spending patterns.

Alexandr Ivanov, Life.SREDA partner:

“Before making a decision about investment, we carried out a due diligence procedure. The team’s approach seriously impressed us. They are an example of the highest Russian school of mathematics. In fact their system would even suit other types of credit scheme. For instance p2p-credit, which still hasn’t really taken off in Russia. That kind of system needs scoring, something which could offer.” started up in 2013 under the leadership of managing director Mary Weihman and general director Ivan Tretyakov. 


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