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500,000th KA-SAT internet user registered in Russia

0 19 August 2014


The network offering broadband access via the KA-SAT satellite has signed up its 500,000th user in Russia. The service is currently available to those in Russia’s European territory.

Starting from the first quarter of 2015 the satellite’s services will become available to residents of Far Eastern Russia and Siberia, and then to residents of Central and Southern Russia in the second half of the year. Russian satellite Express-AM5 will work with the network, as well as Express-AM6, which will be launched in autumn of this year.

The project will help to meet the growing demand for access to satellite internet. Average internet speed via KA Band internet is currently 6 Mbit/s, with the average volume of traffic per terminal more than 8GB per month, making total monthly traffic more than 40 TB.

The end service is being provided in partnership with a number of companies: Ka-Internet, Raduga Internet, HeliosNet and StarBlazer.

Deputy General Director for innovative development at the Russian Satellite Communications Company Evgenia Buydinova:

“Nowadays satellite internet via KA-SAT has pretty good prospects, even in countries with a well developed terrestrial network. We estimate yearly growth in the user base of the new service in Russia to be 20-23,000. Once all parts of the network are in operation people across the whole of Russia will have access to satellite broadband, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, at great prices, regardless of the cable connection at their home.”


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