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FRII invests $830k in Voxxter and 2do2go

0 22 July 2014

The Foundation for Internet Development Initiatives (FRII) is investing up to 14.5 million roubles ($415k) in the city guide Voxxter and the online event listings service 2do2go.

Voxxter intends to use the funds for technical development, broadening its service provider base, and to create new products. 2do2go will use its funding for CRM development, the expansion of its presence in other regions, and the development of user services. According to the owner of 2do2go Feodor Zhernovy: “If everything goes according to plan, we intend to expand into the English speaking market.” 

About Voxxter

Voxxter is a city guide for tourists which provides information about cultural and entertainment options in the city. It offers information about museums, galleries, exhibitions, festivals, and offers themed itineraries. During its acceleration Voxxter increased sales tenfold.

About 2do2go

2do2go is a media platform which helps local businesses (site owners or event organisers) to access their target audience via direct and indirect contact with potential clients. According to FRII, 2do2go increased its profits fourfold during acceleration from 100,000 to 400,000 roubles per month, with the number of people visiting the site doubling from 300,000 people per month to 600,000. The project also expanded its presence geographically, and now works with partners from 30 Russian cities.

About FRII

The Foundation for Internet Development Initiatives was set up in March 2013. Its primary objectives are the financing and exert support of internet projects at all stages of development, identifying and selecting startups and seeing their development through to a mature stage. The level of funding at the disposal of FRII totals 6 billion roubles ($171 million). 


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