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Skolkovo residents to receive free access to cloud resources

0 23 July 2014

Skolkovo has chosen to provide resident startups with access to support from Amazon Web Services Activate. Amazon Web Services is a technology infrastructure platform which offers a range of cluod resources. Every Skolkovo participant company will receive:

-$1000 AWS credit for 1 year

-Free access to the AWS Essentials training course for 1 day, or professional training (the usual cost for the course is up to $60)

-A free AWS Technical Professional Accreditation course and the opportunity to use self-placed labs (usual cost $30 per lab)

-Premium access to AWS Business Support for 1 month

-Free access to 1:1 virtual office hours with help from AWS system architects

-Special offers for startups from various companies including Chef, Bitnami, Amazon Payments, SOASTA, Podio, CopperEgg, and others


All Skolkovo grant recipients will receive these same benefits, but with AWS credit of $10k

Amazon Web Services was launched in 2006. It is used by companies such as Pinterest, Spotify and Dropbox


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