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Developers of fitness bracelet Healbe receive $2.6 million investment

0 15 August 2014

Project Healbe has received $2.6 million investment from a group of unnamed private investors, along with Dmitry Chalyy, Alexander Tarakanov, Alexey Girin and the Starta Capital Accessor Fund.

Healbe combines a cloud service with fitness bracelet GoBe. Starta Capital first invested $200k in Healbe in 2012. Since then the project has received $3 million in total, of which $1 million was put into crowd funding platform IndieGoGo.

Mikhail Gurevich, director of investment company 101 StartUp:

“Everything connected with wearable gadgets is undergoing a renaissance at the moment. And that’s not to say none of them were successful in the first place. Competition is coming from smartphones, which now incorporate many similar functions. At the same time, the public is becoming more and more health conscious and active."


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