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Electronic prayer mat invented in Dagestan

0 18 August 2014

A startup from Makhachkala in Dagestan, southern Russia, has come up with an out of the ordinary new product. Developer Eldar Klyichev has designed an electronic prayer mat, which helps Muslims to keep track of rakats, the ritual movements and words used during Islamic prayer.

The electronic prayer mat is equipped with touch sensors which help users not to lose count during prayers. If a worshipper makes a mistake, forgetting the order or changing position at the wrong time, the sensors begin to vibrate, helping them to realise their mistake without disturbing the ritual.

Klyichev has pitched the prayer mat at the Plug and Play Tech Centre accelerator. The product has a huge potential market, spanning the whole of the Muslim world. It is already patented in Russia and is awaiting a decision with regards to its international patent. The startup’s founders are looking for $14k investment for testing and to produce a small batch.


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