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eBay and Russian Post agree partnership deal

0 25 July 2014

The US online-retailer eBay and Russian Post signed a memorandum on 23rd July announcing their deal to cooperate with the aim of reducing the time of deliveries to Russia from companies in other major markets. They companies will also integrate their IT systems to improve the tracking of orders.  Their first focus will be on deliveries from China, and then the US, Britain and Germany.

Dmitri Strashnov, General Director of Russian Post, said: “The memorandumt relates to the joint delivery of packages. The first joint project, ePacket, will be launched from 1st August. It will enable the client to send a package much faster with the assistance of eBay’s delivery system.”

According to eBay Vice President Wendy Jones, Information from Russain Post’s system will also be integrated with that of the other eBay systems Bitrix and CNS, with whom the company has also closed partnership deals.

eBay receives around 90,000 orders per year from Russia, and in 2012 around 50% of those came from China. eBay’s 2012 turnover in Russia was $450 million (more current figures have not yet been published).

Strashnov adds: “It is expected that in the next 5 years the volume of cross border trade will double year on year. We are on the same side as those involved in online retail. We all want to increase the level and quality of services. We will look at all possible markets and models so that we aren’t just participants in the process, but rather shaping the market in cross border commerce.”

This announcement comes in the light of news that a bill to lower the duty threshold for online purchases from abroad has been temporarily frozen by the Russian government. 


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