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Online sale ‘Cyber Monday’ comes to Runet on 27th January

0 21 January 2014

The association of internet commerce companies (AKIT), organisers of ‘Cyber Monday’, have announced that the online sale will take place on 27th January.

20 companies plan take part in ‘Cyber Monday’ according to AKIT, including Enter, Kupi VIP, Mallstreet, Media Markt, White Wind Digital, M.Video, Eldorado, re:Store, eBay and Lamoda. Each company taking part will independently decide in advance upon the size of the discounts and the type of products to be included.

The extent of the discounts to be offered by the participating companies has yet to be specified. Anton Panteleyev, PR Director of M.Video, told “At the moment we are drawing up a list of the products to be discounted. They will be amongst the most popular products we have on sale.”

AKIT have stated that they will dictate neither the size of the discounts, nor the type of products to be included in the sale. “Each company will decide upon these parameters independently,” said their PR Director, Evgeniya Lampadova. According to her, AKIT will set up a call centre the day before the event, which will operate on ‘Cyber Monday’ itself, and for the following week. Answers to the most important questions will be published on the sale’s website.

The first ‘Cyber Monday’ in Russia took place on 28th January 2013. 6 companies took part: Wikimart, Enter, White Wind Digital, Tenth Dimension, M.Video and Eldorado. On the day of the sale the number of online orders was four times bigger than normal, and the largest discount for a product was 95%. A new purchase was made on the Russian internet every two seconds. The total turnover of the companies taking part in ‘Cyber Monday’ in 2013 was 352 million rubles.

The term ‘Cyber Monday’ refers to a day in which online retailers offer their products at discounted prices. It was first coined by the American company, in 2005, but the first large scale online sale took place in the US in 2004.

The association of internet commerce companies (AKIT) was created in 2012. The founding aim, according to AKIT themselves, was the establishment of principles of honest competition, the creation of a zone of safe service for e-commerce customers and the fight against the grey market. 


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