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Anturis raises $2 million of Series A round funding

0 11 December 2013

Russian startup Anturis, who provide IT-monitoring solutions for small to medium-sized companies, have raised $2 million of Series A round funding. One of the founders of Anturis was IT entrepreneur and venture investor Serguei Beloussov, a partner at Runa Capital, and it was they, along with VEB Innovations, who provided the funds. Beloussov stated that Anturis offers a solution that doesn’t require a major investment in IT resources.”

In their own words, Anturis aim to “make IT management more simple, affordable and efficient for small to medium-sized companies”, and offer “simple website checking to more in-depth monitoring of servers and software”. Thus they offer services similar to companies such as Nagios, who also provide monitoring technology.

In aiming their services at small to medium-sized companies, Anturis’ prices are relatively low, not rising above $100 per month. Although the company is presently based in Moscow, the Series A round funding is likely to be used to target the US market, on which they have recently set their sights, hiring a new business development lead.  The amount raised is modest, but Anturis’ Moscow base means that their costs are lower than those of rival firms based in the US. However, it is likely that they will soon seek further investment, possibly from within the US itself.

Their robust business model leaves Anturis in a strong position to put their new funding to good use. If they can attract further investment in the US, market their services successfully and most importantly turn a profit, then the future is bright for this promising Russian startup. 


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