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Anti-piracy law should be modified, not repealed, says Abyzov

0 31 October 2013

Officials from the working group for open government have declared that a repeal of the anti-piracy law would be inappropriate, after considering a petition from campaigners against the law. The petition against the anti-piracy law, which was posted on the Russian Public Initiatives website, received more than 100,000 signatures. This was the required threshold for consideration by the expert group for open government. Having considered the petition, it was decided that repeal of the law would be inappropriate, as it safeguards the rights of online copyright holders. 

Russian minister Mikhail Abyzov, leader of the expert working group, talking to the RIA Novosti news agency said: “Consultations show that there is widespread agreement that repeal of the law is not an option. It is being carefully implemented, and is proving that participants in the online market broadly agree amongst one another. It is no coincidence that 46 out of 54 cases of illegal content being reported by copyright holders, the content was deleted immediately following the request.”

In the words of Mr Abyzov, it is important to enable Russian internet sites to rid themselves of the stigma of online piracy, as perceived from abroad, allowing them to move into foreign markets. The experts from the working group agreed with the author of the petition that this process, which is highly sensitive and of great importance, must improve.

The minister said: “The working group will refer all comments and proposals to the Civic Chamber and the State Duma. They will be taken into account with respect to the modernisation of the copyright legislation.”

The group also recommended that the Civic Chamber consider, in the form of a public hearing, the question of improving the mechanism of protection of publishers’ rights on the internet.

Artem Kozlyuk, the co-author of the petition and head of the internet community ‘RosKomSvoboda’, said: “We expected to get a more clear position from the expert council, taking into account the interests of society as a whole, as stated in the petition itself.” 


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