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Anna Chapman opens online fashion store

0 25 July 2014

The logistic subsidiary of Otto Group, eTraction, has become fulfilment-partner for the new online store of notorious “Russian spy” Anna Chapman. eTraction’s services (warehousing, call centre, logistic support etc.) will be paid for on a cost-per-order basis.

The new fashion store,, will sell clothing influenced by classic Russian culture but with a modern twist. Chapman’s brand was launched this year and many of her products are already available on sites such as Lamoda, Wildberries and Trendbrands, as well as on the Russian high street.

The store is not Chapman’s first, but rather her latest online business. In 2006, prior to her deportation from the US, she launched the online real estate search engine and the unorthodox encyclopaedia which provides information on nefarious, compromising and underhand activity. She has also edited Russian publication Venture Business News


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