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YotaDevices Set to Release New Smartphone by the End of 2014

0 24 February 2014

YotaDevices have been developing a new smartphone that should be ready for release to the mass market by the end of 2014.

The new modifications to the YotaPhone will be presented this week at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona. YotaPhone 2, as its predecessor, is equipped with two displays: colour and monochrome, made by electronic ink technology (e-ink). This kind of display uses less energy and the image is saved on the screen permanently, without fading. On this phone, you can send and receive SMS and e-mails, read books, use social networks, set reminders for events etc.

The display of this new smartphone is bigger than previous models (5” versus 4.3”). General Manager of YotaDevices, Vladislav Martinov explains that this phone  comes with many new features such as the ability to continue working even when the charge goes by turning off the main screen. The company has changed part of design of this new smartphone; however not the curved back cover of the previous version. It does have increased battery power and the ability for wireless charging.

Martinov has confirmed that YotaDevices have also introduced a new technology that allows 3rd party developers to create software for the YotaPhone.

Investment in the creation of the YotaPhone has amounted to a few million dollars, says a source close to YotaDevices. Martinov has yet to comment on this statement. In his own words, expenditure on the development of the smartphone is 4-5 times lower than it would be if other major manufacturers would attempt a similar project.

The new YotaPhone will be available for purchase during the fourth quarter of 2014, says Martinov. They are hoping to sell YotaDevices in 20 countries (currently it is only 5). The current YotaPhone costs $565. The price of the new model will depend on what other leading manufacturers are selling their phones for towards the end of 2014. However, Martinov does promise that it will not be higher than it already is. He has yet to begin to predict sales of the YotaPhone 2 as they will partly depend on interest of European and Asian operators; YotaDevices are currently negotiating with such operators but are yet to name any company names.

According to its figures, YotaDevices sold 12,000 smartphones during the period between December 2013 - January 2014. For comparison, one should note that the iPhone 5 sold 5 million units during its first weekend of sales. However this isn’t a completely fair comparison as the extent of YotaDevices’ advertising and marketing are not comparable with such international brands. YotaDevices sought to test the market with the first YotaPhone; this goal has been achieved and they hope that the second generation will be an even better seller.


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