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VKontakte to show licensed films and TV shows

0 20 January 2014

LIVE Express has reported that the Russian social networking site, VKontakte (VK), is showing licensed movies and TV shows for the first time.The content is still free to view, but (a bit like on Youtube), users have to watch a video advert, but can choose to skip it after 3 seconds if they so wish. The video owners profit from the advertising revenue, according to agreements with VK. 

One of the first movie providers for VK is the company Star Media. They’ve handed over the rights for VK to be able to show movies such as Pandora’s Box.

In June 2011, VKontakte and CTC Media launched a joint project to combat pirated content on social networks. CTC Media would find and remove pirated content and replace it with a legal video.

In August 2013, a new “anti-piracy” law came into effect that allows copyright holders to request that the Moscow City Court block access to a site that has illegally distributed their material. The first complaint filed was by “Cinema Without Borders” against VK. However, there was no evidence to prove that they even owned the films they were complaining against.  

Source: CNews

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