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The US deems VK to be a pirate site site

0 13 February 2014

In its annual "Out of Cycle Review of Notorious Markets" the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has included popular Russian websites and in a list of more than dozen websites said to be involved in piracy and counterfeiting. 

The USTR claims that's decision to provide illegal access to music is at the heart of its business model, and it hopes that by including it in the list it will apply pressure on directors and on the Russian authorities do take action to protect intellectual copyright. 

However, no actual sanctions are imposed on piracy-list sites, meaning that can still be used in the USA. 

It seems unlikely that the USTR's decision will impact VK, which has now been included on the list 4 times. Russia's leading social network is also buoyed by its victories in two lawsuits last year brought against it by music copyright holders. It has also started to take action to appease some copyright holders - last year it gave some film companies the right to remove illegally posted content, and it recently also introduced licensed movies and TV shows for the first time, with video advertising similar to that shown on youtube. (formerly was also included on the list for facilitating illegal downloads of copyrighted content. 


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